A to Z of sport

page-oneThe A to Z project is a Kickstarter Campaign that I am running between the 10th of March and the 9th of April.

The aim of the project is to create a children’s A to Z of Sport book featuring my friend Steve (Capt) the Mouse. I have been drawing Steve for years and I am using this project to get him into print and bring him to a wider audience.

If you do not know what Kickstarter is don’t worry. The idea is that creatives like me can come up with an idea, launch that idea and test to see if people want that idea to be taken into a final product. The creative set a funding target. People who like the project pledge a certain amount of money towards the project. If enough people pledge then the project is considered funded and the page-bmonies are taken from the accounts of the pledgees. If it doesn’t reach that funding target then no money will be taken from the pledgees and the project fails. There is no half measure. If the project makes 99% of the funding target then it still fails.

As you can see from the images that I have inserted into this page, the book I am aiming to create is an Alphabet book aimed at children. This is for adult to read with children or for emergent readers to read on their own or with their parent or guardian.

I am to give the reader a journey through popular sports and less popular sports. My favourite image so far is Judo but please let me know your favourite.