Paint along

Just in case you are at home with nothing to do and have some art materials to hand….
(I give all reasonable rights for non-professional use of the images on this webpage)

This is a painting of St Anthony Lighthouse from a photograph I took from St Mawes Castle in Cornwall (I got the car stuck in a drainage ditch which was hidden from view in St Mawes Castle….the trip is a memorable one…..).


I’ve used three colours for this painting. All of them from the company Sennelier. They are Warm Grey, Royal Blue and Yellow Ochre. I am using watercolour here but the same colours in oil, gouache or acrylic will produce the same muted effect (you’d add a titanium white to the selection is you were working in a opaque medium like oil, gouache or acrylic). I used Royal Watercolour Society watercolour paper. I normally use Millford paper for such an image but my stocks are currently low.

I started off drawing the scene using my trusty Staedtler Lumograph Black, which is my go to pencil of choice. Then I moved into the painting by putting a fairly wet wash onto dry paper using a size 0 soft aqua mop brush from the company Raphael. I put this wash just in the top inch of the painting, then quickly, whilst that wash was still fresh I popped a wash of the warm grey underneath and let the two mingle. I used a mixture or the warm grey and royal blue to add the sea, then put a wash of the yellow ochre over the land (carefully avoiding the lighthouse whilst painting the sky and the land) and rocks. I used a mixture, a fairly running mixture, of all three colours to add the dark sections in the sea and on the land (adding just a hint more blue to the dark patches in the sea and a touch more ochre to the dark patches on the land)

cornwall lighthouse

I think the important things to think about are moving quickly with the paint (it helps if you’ve mixed a fairly good amount of the colour that you are going to need before you need it – and by good amount I mean a half a tea spoon’s worth at least). Another important thing to think about is having a sound track of the sea and seagulls on (thank you youtube) and imagining being there with the sea salt air and the lapping waves. I do hope that you have fun.

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