Art for Happy, number one

Playing with art materials is a really good way to make oneself feel happy. Just throwing around blobs of watercolour, my favourite type of paint, on a lovely and clean bit of paper can be really fun and rewarding. Here are two activities for you to try if, for whatever reason, you are feeling a little blue.


Try painting these two simple patterns on a nice thick piece of cartridge paper. The patterns look (and are) really simple but you will have to slow down and be careful with your paint application. You will have to be strategic with which bits you paint when. It is a lot like a Sudoku but much more fun and colourful.


I would recommend that you use a square ended brush and I would also suggest that you use a high pigment paint, like Sennelier watercolours or Dr PH Martins liquid watercolours. But, really, anything will do, this would be just as much fun to do with colouring pencils or felt tip pens. Take your time and be really playful with your choice of colours. I would love to see your results.
There are side benefits for trying this sort of thing out. You will find that it is a really good way to loosen up before tackling a bigger art project. It is also a fab way to play with different colour combinations. You could also mix this task up by drawing over the top of these patterns with a sharpie marker or a Posca paint marker for some interesting effects (I’d love to see someone drawing over one of these patterns with a gold paint marker!!).

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