Steve’s A to Z of Sport is launched


After many hours steve twoof stress, worrying if we were going to hit our goal, and many hours of painting an drawing, and even more hours of posting out the books for the backers of the project, Steve’s A to Z of Sport is available for everyone to buy.

I have had a blast getting the word out to all of you wonderful people about the project and it will be great to introduce Steve to a whole new crowd of people. We had a book launch in Leominster Library on the 17th of June and it was wondesteve fiverful to sit and draw Steve for a whole new audience. Thank you, Herefordshire Libraries for the time and space to have my launch.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Steve’s A to Z of Sport, then please click this link

The wonderful people at Orphans Press did a fabulous good of the printing and were a great help all the way through the project.

As you can see isteve fourn the back of the book, I have thanked the wonderful people at Outstanding Education (the lovely Charlotte and Jemma) and the fabulous people at Fitfish (the brilliant Gaynor). Without these people and all of the other backers I could not have successful funded the project. Thank you, lovely people.

Also, extra special thanks goes to all of the wonderful people who backed the project. Thank you!!

steve three

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