3 Replies to “Steve and the Cheese of Destiny”

  1. I’m a collection development manager at a public library in Canada. I recently bought “Steve’s A to Z of Sport” for the library and must say, I wish there were more Steve books to buy! The image of Steve and the Cheese of Destiny (with the globe) made me think of a “Steve’s A to Z of Geography” or the one of Steve and the Mummy made me think of “Steve’s A to Z of Ancient History”… The possibilities are endless! We’d love to see more books in print!


    1. Hello, Ashley!! Thank you so much!! I hope that you have received your package by now (though the post from here to there can be a touch slow at times). I popped a little drawing in one extra book for you. I hope that it made it to you in one piece. I certainly have lots of plans for Steve in the future and will keep you posted.
      All the very best


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