Rosie the Stray

At this time of year, an illustration event happens – #illo_advent. This year I have decided to challenge myself with coming up with a story for my illo_advent adventure. My story is about Rosie the Stray. You will have to wait and see what happens at the end of the story but this is where we are so far.

Rosie has woken up inside her cardboard box, beside the broken washing machine and car tyre that she calls home. The thing that woke her up was whomping noise as a brightly packaged present landed just in front of her nose. dog 120

Roise went outside to see where this present could have come from. Up in the sky, not that far away is a sleigh, pulled through the air by reindeer. That must be where the present has come from. Quickly, Rosie realized what she needed to do. She took hold of the ribbon on the present in her mouth and bounded after the sleigh. dog 121dog 123

Not far from where she started, she found another present. This one was just a brightly wrapped. She picked up the long label in her mouth and dragged the presents behind her, rushing to keep up with the sleigh.  dog 124

dog 126

Rosie found another present in the snow, which meant that she now had too many to carry.

dog 129

But she had an idea.

dog 139

And she was back up and running in no time at all.

All rights retained. No copying or transmitting of any form without my permission, thank you.

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