The Christmas Cards have sold out!!


Thank you, ever so much, everyone!!
My 2019 Christmas cards have completely sold out. I am very sorry if you missed out.
Last year I had about 50 sets of 8 designs printed. This year I had 350 set of 8 printed. I started off thinking about getting a set of 50 printed again, then pushed that number up to 200 set, then I had to go back to Orphans Press and ask for another run of 150. They have gone to lovely people all over the world and it makes me smile a lot when people share photos of their cards on social media!! It blows my tiny mind to see designs that I made on my drawing board in rainy North Herefordshire in sunny places on either side of the globe.

I am afraid to say that there is no longer enough time to get another set printed and posted out in time for this Christmas. I am ever so grateful for all of your support, kind words and for the very important social media follows and shares. Your help is very appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


With my designs this year I tried to get across how I feel about the Christmas period, togetherness, good will towards all people and dogs and the anticipation of the big day. I also really like the idea of dogs in Christmas jumpers, so those featured heavily in the designs….

I would also like to say a huge thank you to Orphans Press, who do such a wonderful job of printing the cards.

A westie in a Crimbo jumper. This design didn’t make it into the packs this year….

I have lots of big plans for next year so, please, watch this space and again THANK YOU for your support.


11 Replies to “The Christmas Cards have sold out!!”

  1. Have you considered making individual prints suitable for framing. Had I ordered a package of cards I would have framed them all and no one on my card list would have received one. My favorite is the friends helping one another post the letter. It reminds me so much of my odd couple Louie & Shorty.


    1. Louie and Shorty sound like a great pair of characters. I hadn’t thought about doing the Crimbo designs as prints, though the way that they are printed means that they will last an awfully long time. I am so very glad that you like them!!!


  2. Iain … I look forward to your posts every day as it is easy to see the love you have for animals 🐾💕 I cant wait to share your beautiful holiday cards with the four legged members of my family and the hoomans whom are lucky enough to share their homes with 💗


  3. They are special because the designs are beautifully original and from the heart. Importantly they are created by a talented individual from a home studio with his own little doggie posse! My two Springer Spaniels are going to have such a wild Xmas sending these to all their doggo palls & walking buddies. Thank you Iain, they are truly wonderful cards. 🐶🐶🌟🌟


  4. I have 2 sets – one for me (wait for the holiday mantle photo), one for 8 VERY special recipients. I’ve decided I’ll include your bio, Iain, so they understand the enormity of my generosity and how to best display the special gift of one of your cards! 🙂 xo


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