Prints for sale

Hello, lovely people.
I have some prints for sale in my webstore. They are 8×10 inch high quality digital prints, printed on lovely BFK Rives paper and are sold in sets of five with one free!! There is a link to each set in my webstore underneath the images.


Dachshund prints, Click Here


Collie prints, Click Here 


Westie prints, Click Here 

4 Replies to “Prints for sale”

  1. Love these Westie prints as I’ve owned Westies for 20 years or more. 5 beautiful little girls, all with their own personalities. Complete strangers become friends when we are out and about. I particularly love little children in a car with their parent, pointing out the dogs, and all the smiles that follow.Thank you for portraying their personalities in your pics !


  2. Hi Iain I love your paintings do you ever paint Llasa Apso’s I can send you a picture in a dm on twitter.


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