Imogen’s story

 Imogen settled herself by her window.

She loved to sit there and watch the world go by.

One of her friends had taken her for a lovely walk with some of the other dogs, given her a big bowl full of lovely food and a quick cuddle. Now she was all set up to enjoy seeing the people arrive. From her room she could see the big doors.

Not that many people stopped for long in front of her window.

She gave them all a smile and a wag.

She particularly enjoyed seeing the big smiles on the children’s faces.

Imogen had enjoyed a few walks with new people recently. None of them had come back for a second walk, which she had heard was the most important walk of all.

The day drew on. Her water bowl had been refilled, which was always a good opportunity for a quick cuddle with another friend. The shadows had grown longer, less people were coming in now.

Imogen was just pondering retiring to her basket for a small nap when a young person was stood in her window. The girl was pointing at her from behind the large teddy bear that she was holding.

The girl’s person came along. They smiled. Imogen smiled.

In no time at all, Imogen had been put on a lead (which smelled of many dogs) and was outside in the fresh air with the young person and her bigger person. There had not been a lot of cuddling yet, but Imogen remained hopeful. After a little while in the warm sunshine the bigger person said something about having to go home now. Imogen had heard this before. She gave the young person a quick leaning on and a very long sniff. The bigger person and the littler person walked Imogen back to her room.

Just before they wandered out, after giving her a really lovely cuddle, the girl said “Would you like Bear to stay with you, just for a little bit?”

A few days passed by with many cuddles from her friends, some lovely walks with the other dogs and plenty of lovely long naps.

Then the bigger person came back. Just on her own. No littler person this time. The bigger person asked how Bear had been getting along.

Imogen and the bigger person went for a marvellously long walk. There were sniffs that Imogen hadn’t encountered for a while. A bench that many other dogs had peed on. It was all marvellous.

The bigger person said that her name was Bethany. Bethany said that she had a very important question to ask. Imogen gave Bethany her complete attention, her best wag and her paw to hold.

A few days went by after Bethany had visited. Her friends made a great big fuss of her after the visit, many of them staying for extended and superb cuddles. One morning, after her walk, one of her friends came along and very carefully put her important items into a little case. Bethany turned up. She had a serious smile on her face. The girl was there, too. Imogen double checked that her tennis ball had made it into the case. Her friend gave her a really big cuddle then went off to do something called paperwork with Bethany.

In just a few wags of her tail, Imogen was sat looking around from the other side of the glass of her little room. Her basket was there, she wagged at it.

Bethany was right by her now. Kneeling down. She was fussing with something around Imogen’s neck. Littler person was there, cuddling Imogen, which she enjoyed a great deal indeed. There was a new jangling thing around her neck now. Bethany then stood up and said a word that Imogen had not heard for a long time. They were going somewhere called home.

34 Replies to “Imogen’s story”

  1. Oh Iain, this is so beautiful. Please tell me you’re planning some more stories! 🙏🤞📙 Your pictures tell the story so exquisitely, you almost don’t need the words! 👌


  2. Such a sweet look at the unflagging hope of adoption by a shelter/ rescue dog. Adoption is such an important decision and I appreciated the way you represented the staff interactions with the dog and prospective family. These folks do such a great service to the adoptee and the adopting family. They are angels among us.


    1. Oh thank you, Annie. I am so glad that you like it and I am so glad that you felt what I was trying for with the way that Imogen’s friends looked after her. I am wishing you the very best.


  3. Imogen’s story is heartfelt and tearful 🥲 The wonderful outcome of her story was after such a long wait at the shelter, God Bless the family that put all her cuddle items in her box and took her to a wonderful place called “Home”. Bethany🦮 can now share her unconditional ❤️ with her furry-ever👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 and 🏡🌈☀️


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