The Storyteller’s Assistant

Tiffany wagged her tail at her friend behind the counter.

                “Hello, Mr Jones. It is ever so nice to see you both.” the librarian said. “Your chair is all set up. The bowl of water is down already. Can I get you a cup of tea?”                
“That would be lovely, yes please.” Mr Jones said. He led Tiffany over to their little spot in the corner of the children’s section of the library.

There were already some children sat on the cushions on the floor in front of the seat. Mr Jones let Tiffany go and reintroduce herself. Her tail wagging ever so quickly as a boy gave her some lovely stroking on her very soft neck.

                Mr Jones pulled some books out of his little bag and arranged some notes on the little table beside his comfy chair. He ran his index finger over them whilst his assistant went to introduce herself to some more children around the library. She herded them towards the seating area, ready for the session to begin as Mr Jones made himself comfortable.

                The librarian came back with a lovely cup of tea. On the saucer were two custard creams and two dog biscuits.

                Mr Jones smiled at the librarian. “Thank you, ever so much. I think that we’ll make a start.” He turned to Tiffany. “Shall we make a start, Tiff?”

                Tiffany plonked her bottom down into a perfect ‘sit’ ready for the story. The children around her, more now, followed her lead.

“Hello, lovely people.” Mr Jones said in his warm and soft voice. A little louder now to grab their attention.

                “I have some stories for you today. Are you sitting comfortably? Right. Then we’ll begin.”

                Mr Jones took a sip of his fresh tea, cleared his throat and started.

There was a child,

who went to sea,

to find out what,

there was to see.

Far off shores,

called to them.

New friends to make

from far away.

Scares and frights,

some dreadful sights.

Adventures every day.

They made some maps,

took some notes

and drew along the way.

When as far,

as far can be

they had a new direction

to choose.

They sailed as

hard as they could.

They no time

to lose.

A safe harbour

and familiar sights,

filled their heart

with glee.

Their journey though,

for all to see.

They’d made it home

for tea.

Mr Jones took another sip from his tea. “Right. Now for one of my assistant’s favourite stories. It is about a boy who has an adventure in a kitchen in the night-time.”

                The children and Tiffany settled in for another story.

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